Friday, April 28, 2017

Class 20- Choosing My Project And Working On My House

In class today, I chose what project I want to do for the 3D printer.  I chose to do a phone case for a teacher.  I also worked on my house on SketchUp.  I added a few windows and also a door to the back porch.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Class 19- Makerbot, Tinkercad And Working On House

Today in class, we went onto Tinkercad and looked at cars, to see that you can print them.

On Makerbot, we logged into black groups account and went into what they already had saved in the library.  We discussed that once you chose an object, it goes into the library.
Then we used Ipads.  I drew a 3D box and then took a photo of it.  The picture then turned the box into a 3D object,  I played with the app a bit and then went to work on my house.
I worked on building my house on Sketchup for the rest of class.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Class 18- Learning How To Use Tinkercad

Today in class, we learned how to use Tinkercad.  Tinkercad is another place where you can make and print things.  I had to do some tutorials.

These are photos from some of the tutorials I had to do.  I learned how to place things, combine things and make things bigger.  I also learned how to cut some stuff out and how to change the color of stuff.
On Tinkercad, there is a gallery where you can choose a product and then change the color, material, etc.  Then you can print the product with the 3D printer.  

Here is a link to Tinkercad:

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Class 17- Working On House And Reviewing Tutorials

In class today, we reviewed some of the tutorials.  I also worked on my house a little bit.  I added windows and doors and fixed the roof.  I had to fix the roof because earlier I could not get it to go up.  I got the move to work.

Class 16- Heritage Tour

I was still on the Heritage Tour, so I also missed this class.  The Heritage Tour was really fun and I am glad I got to see new experiences.

Class 15- Heritage Tour

I was on Heritage Tour, so I missed this class.  The Heritage Tour was really fun and I saw a lot of cool things.

Class 14- Show Chorus States

We had show chorus states during this class, so I was not in this class.  We got silver, which basically means we got second.  The show chorus did good.